The Accent Training Company has been created for the sole purpose of
providing Education and System Tools to improve Service, Profits and Sales!

Everyone Hates Bad Service!

There is no Secret to Service!  Anyone, anywhere that comes into contact (directly or indirectly) with any type of Customer, provides Service.  Service is your secret weapon!

It is a common thought process for the word, Service to be considered only the front line person that has the direct contact with the Customer.  The front line person delivers the end product only.  Delivering Service requires the skills and talents of many people, working as a united Team!  Customer Service is almost always the dividing line of a Customer’s loyalty.

Through providing Education and developing customized system tools, I assist in the betterment of operations for the entire organization.  Through proper Training you can be the top in the industry!  Always push your people to reach a little higher!

A Great Seminar for the Entire Team:

“There is no SECRET to supplying superior SERVICE”

This realistic journey demonstrates the importance of the overall Customer Experience and how everyone impacts Service. Presented in a humorous (but very realistic) manner, this course covers topics such as:

  • The ABC’s
  • The Spirit of Hospitality
  • You’re Always on Stage
  • Developing Successful Work Habits
  • Importance of Product Knowledge
  • Supporting internal Marketing Campaigns
  • Start Strong, Finish Strong
  • Impact of being out of a Product
  • Turning the Customer on (or turning them off!)

This message needs to be heard by all!

Why Train…?

Quality Food and Beverage


A highly Empowered Staff

Increased Revenues

Responsible Alcohol Service

An Upbeat and Fun Environment


All on the Same Page

A Clean Establishment

A Healthy Profit and Loss Statement

Superior Customer Service

Safe Food

Company Product Knowledge


I, Scott Armstrong, am a very firm believer that the Team of a business is either properly Trained, or they are not.  No matter how awesome the product, if the Team can’t sell it, execute it and serve it consistently in a safe environment, the product sits on the shelf.
Raised in the heart of northwest Ohio’s farmland, I started in the Food and Beverage Industry at a very young age – my first real job was flippin’ burgers and scoopin’ ice cream cones in a nostalgic ice cream parlor in historic Grand Rapids, Ohio.  Now, over 35 years later and having progressively worked every level of Team and Management roles, I utilize this first-hand exposure and knowledge to build systems and provide innovative, up-beat Training sessions and systematic materials for owners and operators of the metro New Orleans region, my home, for the most part of, the past 25 years.

Being a proud member of the National and Louisiana Restaurant Associations, I am a Certified Instructor and Proctor of the ServSafe® Manager Certification Course and a Louisiana State Certified Instructor of the Responsible Vendor Code.

Any business operates more smoothly when all systems, tools, Training departments and Education are properly in place and executed – and supplying this infrastructure is exactly what I do.  From a single checklist to being your Outsourced Training Department, I customize all materials, courses and checklists to be specific for your needs, your budget and your operation.



If you’ve ever had a food-borne illness, you know how severe it can be. If you’ve never had a food-borne illness, you don’t want one!

Nausea, projectile diarrhea, projectile vomiting, stomach cramps, fever, sweating, loss of work, hospitalization…and maybe even death!   The perfect formula for an embarrassing and expensive lawsuit – possibly may even lead to business closure and loss of personal assets and property!

Sounds scary, huh? According to the Centers for Disease Control, an estimated 1 in 6 American’s (48 million people) get sick from food each year. 128,000 are hospitalized, 3,000 die!

When one serves any consumable product to the general public, proper food safety and handling awareness need to be instilled and enforced. Establishing safe food handling discipline is not easy. This requires Education, system tools and a focus from the entire staff.

Utilizing The National Restaurant’s Association’s ServSafe® Food Handler Program*, I’ll work with you to provide Education to your staff, customize the course to accommodate your menu and operational footprint to assist in the prevention of a food-borne illness outbreak.

You eat in your own establishment – is your food safe?

*The National Restaurant Association’s ServSafe® Food Handler Program is for Education purposes only and does not meet the Louisiana State Department of Health and Hospitals (DHH) property certification requirements.



Designed to enhance and build the knowledge of the Growing Manager, these ‘Getting it done through your people’ programs are packed with ideas, tips and tricks to obtaining better Sales, smoother Operations and higher Profits.

Some Suggested Management Development focus areas:
  • Resourcing Humans: gaining and retaining a strong Team, accenting your Training Programs, the Vision (and plan) of on-going development of people.
  • Cost and Financial Control: better understanding the proper management of financials and budgeting, managing food, beverage and labor costs, developing purchasing and inventory systems
  • Leading your Sales Force: increasing Sales through Your Team, creating internal Marketing Programs, developing Brand Ambassadors, having fun making money.


The success of any Training Department begins by having the foundational tools required, and putting the right people in place. Working very closely with you and your people, I’ll build and provide customized Tools and Education to assist in the building of the Training Department.

Some Suggested Training Department Development focus areas:
  • Building the Training Department: selecting proper trainers, Train the Trainer programs, effective, Exceptional Training without Exception
  • Trainer People-Skills Development: fundamentals of ‘How to be a Trainer’, Having a patient attitude, mentoring and coaching Trainees, handling difficult Trainees
  • Training Skills for the Trainer: Planning, Presentation and teaching skills that make Training ‘stick’



To ‘Go By The Book’, you must first have ‘The Book’

Every task in life requires the proper tools for the job.  By providing your Team the proper tools, they will be more successful.  From the Fullest of Full Service to the Fastest of Fast Food, these tools will be detailed, comprehensive – and best of all – designed, customized and created just for you!

Inconsistent operations are those that don’t have a foundation of standards composed on paper for all to share. Consistency requires the entire Team to be on the same page; but first you must have the pages for them to be on.

Operation Guides typically have sections such as:

  •     Rules, Regulations and Policies
  •     General Operating Guidelines and Training Handbook
  •     Menu Service/Salesmanship
  •     Liquor/Beer/Wine information
  •     Steps of Service
  •     Kitchen Basics
  •     Food Safety

Other Manuals:

  • Recipe Manual
  • Manager Manual
  • Train the Trainer Programs

From these Materials, Training Outlines, Systems and Guides for each position can be developed.



Are the lights and music turned on? Is the bank deposit made? Is the refrigeration working properly? Now, you’ll know every day, twice per day! With each department having their own checklist of daily and routine cleanliness and stocking duties, the operation is bound to run more efficiently!


Some Common Checklists (the list is endless!):


  • Daily Management routine checklist
  • Prep Sheets – kitchen and bar
  • Product Ordering Guides


  • Temperature Control Logs
  • Line/Station set-up and duties
  • Plate Build/Menu Presentation Guides
  • Waste Tracking

The Team:

  • Routine opening and closing checklists for each Department
  • Weekly Duty Checklists

Administrative Tools:

  • Daily Cash Balance Sheets
  • Employment Applications
  • Counseling Forms

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